Top 3 Dangers of Mold Infestation in Your Home or Business

Having mold in your home or business is a bigger problem than you think. In fact, in some cases it can be downright deadly. If you’re a home owner or business owner it is your responsibility to protect your family and/or employees from the dangers of mold infestation and the spores it releases into the air.

Health Issues

The #1 most concerning issue of mold infestation is the rampant health problems it can cause. You’ve probably heard of black mold and how toxic it can be, even life-threatening in some cases, but even regular mold can cause many different health problems for you, your family and/or your employees.

Mold allergies are also an issue, causing some people to have serious reactions to species of mold that may not normally cause health problems.

On top of this, the health problems caused by mold can lead to increased medical and healthcare costs, placing a heavy financial burden on your family and/or your business.

Legal Issues

Did you know that hidden mold can cause a just as many legal issues as it does health issues? In many cases this is a problem that people don’t understand until legal proceedings are already underway.

For example, if you own a business it is your responsibility to protect your employees from on the job hazards. Hidden toxic mold definitely falls into this category and if an employee has health problems due to mold in the work place you could face serious legal repercussions.

Another area where this comes into play is when you’re selling your home. Selling a home infested with hidden toxic mold that you don’t know about could come back to bite you. If the new owners find the mold and suffer health issues because of it you could be in a world of legal trouble.

Property Value Issues

The presence of mold can have a large impact on the property value of your home or place of business. This can be an issue when selling your property, especially if the new owners find the mold and feel as if you mislead them as to how much the property was worth.

Once again this can cause serious legal issues that you’d be better off avoiding by having your property tested for mold.

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